Mr. Music & Mr. Films Hires WSI

Mr. Music is a company that specializes in music production, planning and conducting events. With over 30 years experience, Mr. Music is ahead in technology and services. Its wide experience allowes Mr. Music to realize a lot of music productions and events (servicios para eventos), like weddings, sweet 16 and corporate parties.

Mr. Music has a unique Recording Studio in Central America, with over 300 square meters, with the most advanced technology and sound treatment.

The Audio Studio (estudio de audio) and Recording Studio (estudio de grabación) are the best designed in Central America, and they were built under the most demanding standards in the industry.

Anyone looking for music, audio, or video production should consider Mr. Music & Mr. Films as the best choice you can made.

For clients looking for special projects or sensational photography from their events, Mr. Music also makes Drone Films (Filmaciones con Drones), with the most advanced technology.

Knowing the importance of digital media strategy, recently Mr. Music contracted WSI to redesign their website and improve its search engine optimization, as a first step of a holistic digital strategy.

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